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Fun lessons in learning to play the Piano!

At Inspire the Piano classes are instructed by the founder and director of the company - Sir Rajesh Bundela. The classes are for ages 5 to however old you are. Inspire Music Institutes Piano Lab consists of 6 pianos, an Lcd projector so that children may watch videos or follow the notations as a class, and a ear training station.

All six pianos have heaphones so students canf silently practice without distubing others. The Instructor can listen to any of the other pianos via a set of his own. The Lcd projector diplays notations so that in a group class they can all play the same piece together. The ear training station consists of two tabs and heaphones. The students can listen to the pieces they are learning to get a better sense of what they should sound while playing!



Rajesh Bundela

Sir Rajesh Bundela is the founder and director of Inspire Music Institute, and also is an instructor at Inspire.

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Course Info

  • Instructor: Rajesh Bundela
  • Seat Available: 6
  • Duration: 3 months
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