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Mr Clinton teaches many genres of music and also prepares his students for annual exams.

Inspire has a fully equipped jam room, and this is where our drum classes are conducted. Mr Clinton enjoys his classes and his students have a great time learning new beats. The atmosphere of the jam room provides a great feeling of music and rhythm. Mr Clinton teaches a wide range of genres in music including Pop, Rock, Bossa Nova etc. As Inspire is also affiliated with The London College of Music as well as The Trinity College London, students prepare for annual exams.

This course will cover rudiments (basically sticking patterns used to develop muscle memory and coordination), different styles of playing the drums, and varoius songs to play covers on. The students can also learn how to read the score for drums.

Clinton Mascarehens

Mr Mascarenhas is an amazing drummer with a great passion for the instrument and is Inspire's drum instructor.

A very talented drummer, Mr Clinton Mascarenhas started playing for a professional band at the age of 14 and has shaped himself to be an adept drummer holding formal grades in drumming from the Trinity College of Music, London. He also sings and plays a major part in the harmony section of their renowned band, True Blue (Goa).

Clinton sir is a great teacher and instructor. He is always ready to demonstrate a new skill and he is forever patient.



Course Info

  • Instructor: Clinton Mascarehens
  • Seat Available: 2
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Rating: